Black America

Black America Intro from StickyDocs on Vimeo.

Unlocking the Story Hidden in Data

Where the challenge was to provide a traditional ethnographic study of African American behavior and lifestyle, StickyDocs saw an opportunity to tell an even greater story. With content shot in New York and Chicago, “Black America: The African American Opportunity” is a compelling ethno-documentary chronicling the power and influence of African Americans on broader American pop culture told by some of the most prominent black marketing and media professionals in the industry today.

Instead of using a traditional analog format for reporting, the final findings were provided to PepsiCo as a fully interactive eBook, designed exclusively for mobile devices. The eBook was designed to provide users a rich media experience, bringing together all aspects of the Attitudinal Segmentation study: data research, vivid imagery, and engaging video vignettes.

Premiering at PepsiCo corporate headquarters during Black History Month, “Black America” launched the final findings of the report with strategy & insights, sales and marketing teams. This timely demonstration helped galvanize the company’s commitment to this crucial consumer segment and set the stage for strategic business goals and initiatives.

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