June 7, 2017 Marcus Jimenez

Business reporting falling on deaf ears?

Here are three keys from our Millennial Workforce Findings Report to help unlock more actionable business reporting that your teams are sure to engage.

In a time where data reigns supreme, it’s no wonder why insights teams struggle to socialize their BI reporting effectively with teams. A more suitable analogy here is one we like to call the digital hydrant, where organizations are on the opposite end receiving their daily deluge of data, and leaving teams to sip through straws and absorb any insights, if at all possible.

If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. Welcome to the new norm where unfortunately, the ability to report and socialize BI pales in comparison to a teams ability to collect it. It’s for this reason that IBM estimates 95% of existing data goes unanalyzed & unused at companies.

Then how do we deliver better insights reporting that teams will find more engaging, meaningful, and will ultimately put to use? There is a better way and the following keys will help you unlock effective, more actionable BI reporting with your teams, and across your organization.


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