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In a time where data reigns supreme, the ability to socialize analyzed data and insights with teams  effectively has never been more important. But how do we deliver reporting that teams will find more engaging, meaningful, and actionable?

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Startup Genome Report
Startup Genome Report

Visualizing Data with Startup Genome

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017

Each year, Startup Genome works directly with startup leaders across 50+ cities to drive local action and accelerate the growth of their ecosystems. Together with their partners, Startup Genome recently released The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017, exposing all of their CONSENSUS network cities in the world’s most popular publication on tech startup ecosystems. The report includes input from over 10,000 startups globally and is shared with more than 250K subscribers.

StickyDocs proudly partnered with Startup Genome in bringing this landmark study to life via data curation, data visualization, and content creation.

Smirnoff Data Dashboarding

Visualizing Smirnoff’s Brand Performance Data

In support of the Smirnoff Global Brand Activation unit, StickyDocs developed a mobile dashboard solution which provided global teams with fast, easy access to key brand metrics right on any mobile device.

Each Global Performance Dashboard was specifically designed to provide marketing and field sales teams access to monthly sales metrics curated specifically for their local region.

Our UX experts designed a simple, yet elegantly branded interface which allowed users to access region-specific data and market level details in just three taps. As a desktop solution, an interactive PDF provided users with a standardized, seamless UX across all platforms and devices.


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.47.53 PM

Smirnoff Global Brand Performance Mobile Report

Black America Intro from StickyDocs on Vimeo.

Black America

Unlocking the Story Hidden in Data

Where the challenge was to provide a traditional ethnographic study of African American behavior and lifestyle, StickyDocs saw an opportunity to tell an even greater story. With content shot in New York and Chicago, “Black America: The African American Opportunity” is a compelling ethno-documentary chronicling the power and influence of African Americans on broader American pop culture told by some of the most prominent black marketing and media professionals in the industry today.

Instead of using a traditional analog format for reporting, the final findings were provided to PepsiCo as a fully interactive eBook, designed exclusively for mobile devices. The eBook was designed to provide users a rich media experience, bringing together all aspects of the Attitudinal Segmentation study: data research, vivid imagery, and engaging video vignettes.

Premiering at PepsiCo corporate headquarters during Black History Month, “Black America” launched the final findings of the report with strategy & insights, sales and marketing teams. This timely demonstration helped galvanize the company’s commitment to this crucial consumer segment and set the stage for strategic business goals and initiatives.

The M.A.S. Report

Socializing Snow Data

The Multicultural’s in Action Sports (M.A.S.) Report was created to provide the snow sports industry with a strategic road map towards multicultural engagement. To get users to consumer the reporting and insights, the reporting took a user centric approach and uses storytelling and interactivity as part of intelligence hub to deliver data in a variety of ways that are fun, informative and easily digestible.

Once the fastest growing sports category, snowboarding is witnessing rider participation plateauing and confronting its greatest challenge to date, where will it find its future growth? Educating key industry stakeholders on the opportunities that a rising multicultural consumer base presents was the challenge.

The mixed media intelligence hub featured print and interactive reporting via an iPad magazine app, a microsite, Facebook Fanpage, and a Vimeo Video Channel for easy content sharing on social media. The report was ultimately downloaded over 3K times via Slide Share across 40 countries.

Telling Better Stories Through Data w/ StickyDocs Founder Marcus Jimenez

WashingTECH Policy Podcast – Episode 47

I had the pleasure and honor to share some perspective on how policy makers, communicators and planners can craft better stories using data and visualization on

In this episode, we discussed: 

  • A process for better storytelling to make white papers and other communications more relevant and engaging for end users.
  • Our new accelerator HueCoLab that helps entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups learn to run successful companies.
  • The top 3 things you should be doing to make your content stand out from the pack.

Hope it inspires you to craft more compelling content and stories.

Business reporting falling on deaf ears?

Here are three keys from our Millennial Workforce Findings Report to help unlock more actionable business reporting that your teams are sure to engage.

In a time where data reigns supreme, it’s no wonder why insights teams struggle to socialize their BI reporting effectively with teams. A more suitable analogy here is one we like to call the digital hydrant, where organizations are on the opposite end receiving their daily deluge of data, and leaving teams to sip through straws and absorb any insights, if at all possible.

If this sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone. Welcome to the new norm where unfortunately, the ability to report and socialize BI pales in comparison to a teams ability to collect it. It’s for this reason that IBM estimates 95% of existing data goes unanalyzed & unused at companies.

Then how do we deliver better insights reporting that teams will find more engaging, meaningful, and will ultimately put to use? There is a better way and the following keys will help you unlock effective, more actionable BI reporting with your teams, and across your organization.